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Mischa Barton Gnaws on Raw Red Meat for Art

Ew. As someone that really enjoys various hamburger and steak configurations, looking at Mischa Barton's just-released photoshoot for Tyler Shields makes me queasy. When the actress showed up at the studio, Shields handed her sixty-five dollars worth of steak and asked her to bite into it and rub it all over her face in the name of Art.

Shields came up with this genius concept the day before the shoot, when he and Barton dined together at In-N-Out: “I’m watching her eat this hamburger, and all I could think about was just meat all over her face.” Oh cool. That's a totally normal and not degrading thing to think about while you're sharing a meal with someone. It's almost like he wasn't listening to a word Barton was saying and just sees her as a piece of meat.

Please people: stop doing things like this. Not because they're disgusting, but because they're obvious.

The photos are currently on display at the Imitate Modern gallery in London, in case you feel like hurling ground beef at them.