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No Free Love for Lady Gaga

Lady GagaUntil now, Lady Gaga's managed to keep her personal life mostly out of the press, but it looks like her control over the story is slipping. Recently spotted with supposed new boyfriend Taylor Kinney from the Vampire Diaries (whhha? Sorry, does not seem like a match. Where did they even meet? Had Lady Gaga even heard of the CW before she started dating one of its golden boys?), the popstar's now taking interviews about her views on sex and relationships:

"It's always been important to me, as it's for my generation, a most relevant consideration when you're growing up. Sex doesn't mean nothing; sex means so much. I hope that young women know that sex is still a big deal, and they don't have to put out soon. If they want someone to court them for a while before they give it up, that's wonderful and beautiful, and a man will only respect you more for honoring your body. I am that way."

Lady Gaga talking about her personal relationships and sex life? Not standard operating procedure. In terms of the message? She's sort of missing the point. When it comes to having or not having sex, you shouldn't make the decision based on whether it'll earn a man's affection or respect. Unless that man happens to be Ryan Gosling. Then you better do whatever it takes.

Ryan Gosling

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