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A Note on Last Night’s ANTM, Featuring the Kardashians and Latoya Jackson

Did you by any chance see last's night America's Next Top Model? I didn't think it was possible for the reality modeling competition to get any more ridiculous, but it's done the unthinkable: it topped itself. Nigel Barker promised me there'd be lots of drama and bitchiness on this All-Star Cycle, but the intrapersonal conflicts have sort of been beside the point.

More importantly, last night the girls walked in a runway show inspired by the carousel catwalk at Chanel Fall 2008, wearing the Kardashian sisters' line for Sears. The "fashion show" was attended by Bruce and Kris Jenner. ANTM is kind of unique in its ability to mention Chanel and the Kardashians in one breath, but this episode, filmed a few months ago, turned out to be prescient: a carousel catwalk was just featured at the much-hyped Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Paris show. Tyra Banks is nothing if not on-trend, and two lucky girls won the prize of all prizes, a "head-to-toe" outfit from the Kardashians' Sears line.

The girls participated in a photoshoot in homage to Michael Jackson. The makeup crew whipped out some uh, "retro" blackface techniques and La Toya Jackson showed up on set to play fairy godmother. The pictures were all-around awful and Tyra wore an ugly hat to judges panel. But guest judge La Toya decided that no one should be eliminated, in the spirit of her brother's message of love and acceptance. "I feel like somebody saved me," said Angelea, one of the bottom two girls. "It could've been La Toya, it could've been Michael. It could've been Jesus." So weird that Andre Leon Talley's leaving the show.

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