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Blake Lively Rebounds with Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively Ryan ReynoldsAfter a maybe-mutual breakup with 1998s biggest dreamhunk, Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively didn't waste a lot of time getting back into the dating game. Her rebound? Ryan Reynolds.

The actor recently took a trip to visit his Green Lantern co-star on the set of her hit show, Gossip Girl. They hugged up a storm before getting in a car together and driving away.

The pair was later spotted eating sushi and then making out at Boston's South Station. I've had sushi before! Maybe even this week! And I've been to South Station! (What was Lively doing at a bus and train terminal? So not Chanel.) Stars, they're just like us. Except not.

Only Blake Lively gets to trade one A-list actor for another, gets to rebound with an A-list actor. Ryan Reynolds might not be that talented and kind of jerky-looking but I don't expect Blake Lively to have great taste in men. Not like I have great taste in men, either. My current crush? A genius puppet master—a true Artist!—who hangs out at Occupy Wall Street. See, stars really are just like us.

[Ediitor's note: A second opinion on Ryan Reynolds — he's charming, funny, and almost as dreamy as Ryan Gosling.]

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