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Andrej Pejic Met the Queen, Was Enviably Dressed

Andrej PejicTwo weeks ago I told you that your favorite androgynous model, Andrej Pejic, had been invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II (she's really been making news this year) in honor of her upcoming trip to Australia, and we were all dying to know what he was planning to wear.

A Palace press rep told reporters that "the recommended dress code for receptions at Buckingham Palace is day dress/lounge suit. However, this is for guidance only and guests are welcome to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.” Well, the long-awaited day has come and gone, and even though we haven't seen a snapshot of the occasion, Andrej Pejic told Vogue UK what he was planning to wear, and as expected, Pejic followed dress code but didn't sell himself short.

Also, now that he's done with the outfit, can I have it please?

"I'm wearing a Paul Smith blazer, because I wanted to wear at least one British designer, with a vintage Versace pencil skirt and just some heels. I wanted to just be myself – androgynous – and play with the masculine blazer and pencil skirt. It's also a bit Nineties, which I love."

[via StyleCaster]