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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Have Been Kissing Each Other

I didn't think Ryan Gosling was like, allowed to date or do anything besides star in movies and pose for photos and be charming in interviews, but it looks like he's gotten himself something of a life and maybe even a relationship.

It's weird. First, Ryan Gosling was spotted hanging out in Disneyland with Eva Mendes and that's fine, because it's easy to write off a date at Disneyland as just a fantasy hiccup of never-really-going to happen, but then a few days later, the pair was spotted running errands in LA. Too real.

Things took a turn for the worst when paparazzi snapped some pictures of the couple kissing in the car. If you look at the sequence of images, Gosling only leaned in for the kiss after he noticed that they were being observed by photographers. He wasn't kissing to kiss, he was kissing to be seen kissing. Not cool. What is he, an attention-starved teenage girl at a house party?

Over it. He and Mendes can have each other. Ladies, let's turn our attention to someone that's available, okay? I know it's hard.

[via HollywoodDame; dreamy pic from FeministRyanGosling]