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Lady Gaga Breaks Bread with Terry Richardson

Gaga RichardsonIt's a weekday, which means it's time for one of my favorite pastimes: making fun of Lady Gaga. Party time! And on this special day we get to double the mockery, double the fun, because Gaga's latest project is an art book with Terry Richardson.

One of the skeeziest men alive today, pseudo-pornographer Terry Richardson has joined forces with Gaga in the past, to great effect: he photographed her in the infamous raw meat dress for Vogue Hommes Japan, he goaded her into posing on top of a trash can (too easy, stop!) for Rolling Stone, and shot some pin-ups of Gaga teetering around in her staggering heels and welding a firearm. In short, they make magic together.

Their spectacular new title, Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson, is coming out on November 22, and if you can hardly wait, I've posted some promo shots right here. The cover (right) features Lady Gaga from the back, wearing a leather jacket with diamond embellishments spelling out her name, lest anyone be fortunate enough to forget it for a few short moments.

The other released photo pictures Gaga dining at some fine establishment, eating steak and potatoes and greens. It's all so delicious she can't even keep her top on! I believe that part (mmm, food!) but I'm not buying it. Who would? At least when Madonna came out with her obnoxious art book, Sex, she had the chutzpah to give people their money's worth at the expense of her reputation: we got to see Steven Meisel photograph Madonna straddling a dog and now we have to be excited that a charlatan photographed Gaga noshing? No thanks. I'd rather take myself out to dinner.

Gaga Richardson

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