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Lagerfeld to Launch a “Masstige” Line

Karl LagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld may be the head designer of Chanel, one of the most prestigious gigs in the entire fashion industry, but he's ready to start making clothes that the rest of us can actually buy and wear.

Following the success of his capsule collection for Macy's, Lagerfeld has just announced that he'll be launching a 100-piece women's line, Karl, with items set to retail from $95 to $450.  The designer is ready to see a new era of "mass elitism" when it comes to style, and he'll be launching the lower-priced Karl line primarily online, with several orbiting events, like international pop-ups shops, to draw attention and business to his growing brand.

Karl will be available on Net-a-porter on January 25, but will eventually be housed in freestanding stores and "experience boutiques." I'll wear his clothes, but only if Karl Lagerfeld stops talking about "experience boutiques."

[via WWD]


Lagerfeld with Pier Paolo Righi, the president of the designer's new brand