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Sparkly Gisele Bundchen Covers Vogue UK

Gisele Vogue UKSince it's a new day, there's another major magazine cover starring Gisele Bundchen. Photographed by Mario Testino for the December issue of Vogue UK, the supermodel is obviously stunning, but more importantly, she's wearing sparkly multi-colored leggings.

The caption says, Celebrate!, and she sure is celebrating. You can tell because she's holding balloons as props and they match her leggings just perfectly. I didn't know that I was supposed to be coordinating my pants with my balloons, but I'm always happy to have to learn new things.

Let's be real: I want everything she's wearing. I know most leggings are whatever, but these are major. They're like unicorn kisses. Also her Louboutins are not messing around. The day I get to dress like this is the day I'll know that I'm ready to die.

[via DesignScene]