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Let’s Move to LA and Take Ballet Class with Ryan Gosling!

It's an open secret that I don't do things that aren't girly. My hobbies are feminism and ballet classes; I work in fashion; when it comes to wine, I drink white; when it comes to sodas, I drink Diet Coke. It's kind of tragic. I don't even remember what boys look like. I think they have hair?

It might be time for me to start making some changes. Maybe I should take up some activities that are majority male. Like, I don't know, playing pick-up basketball or watching Sunday Night Football? I just passed out from boredom.

But as it turns out, maybe I can keep my hobbies and just do them a little more strategically. In a recent interview, Ryan Gosling revealed that he grew up taking ballet classes, and continues to take them to this very day, at a studio in Los Angeles: “A lot of the students are young girls so they’re there with their mums but they just kind of watch and tell me to keep it up.” So, I can take ballet classes with Ryan Gosling and a bunch of prepubescent girls (no competition!) as long as I just move to LA? Done. I'd have to learn to drive first, and then haul my entire life across the country, but small potatoes.

[via HaveUHeard]