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Lindsay Wixson Covers the First Issue of Mag to this bizarre new version of the world: actually went ahead and devloped a print mag, as they'd been planning, and its first issue hits newsstands next week, on Monday, Oct. 31. It's called Really.

Eric Wilson from the NYTimes got his hands on a copy and reported that everything about the magazine is weird, from the originating concept to the name. But there seems to be some kind of meta-charm to the new glossy: look at Lindsay Wixson's oversized pout on the cover! Would you really turn your nose up at listicles breaking down's most-trafficked Spring 2012 collections?

Granted, the magazine will retail for $14.99 at newsstands and will print notable Tweets. $15 is a ludicrous price to pay for something that's an online-to-print spinoff, but fashion is all about ludicrous price points, right? 

No. This can't happen. We can't have a $15 magazine called succeed while other magazines fail. I won't accept that.