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Karl Lagerfeld for Fossil Watches

Karl LagerfeldI don't really understand what's going on with Karl Lagerfeld, because he's pretty much gotten to the point where he's been putting his name on everything that's sold in stores. Not only did he just wrap up a Macy's collaboration, work on his own lower-priced line, he's also apparently launching a line of watches with Fossil. Is there anything he isn't working on? The world would be standing still if it weren't for Karl Lagerfeld and his willingness to take on any project that comes his way.

The watches will hit stores in Spring 2013, which is practically decades away in fashion years. If you think you can't wait that long, think again. When was the last time you actually bought a watch, much less a Fossil watch? Why wouldn't you just save that money and put towards a fancier version of a premiere timekeeping device: the cell phone.

Even Karl Lagerfeld isn't going to get me to buy a watch. He'll just need to sign his name to some other project if he wants me to fork over some of my money on his brand. And I'm sure he'll find a way.