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Lady Gaga May Repent for Her Meat Dress Sins with a Gown of Lettuce

When Lady Gaga wore a dress made entirely out of raw beef to the 2010 VMAs, several observers thought that she wasn't just making a fashion statement, she was sending her fans and viewers a bad message about animal rights. While the rest of us just got nauseous looking at her, PETA roared that she was abusing animal products.

To repent for her sins, Indian PETA activists are urging the pop star to get decked out in a floor-length gown made out of lettuce for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which she'll be attending.

PETA will design the dress and attach it to Gaga leaf by leaf with pins and threads. The process will take about five or six hours, but someone will have to shadow the pop star for the rest of the night to periodically spray her with water so that the lettuce leaves don't wilt. "We'll make sure it looks sexy," says Sachin Bangera of PETA India. Or Lady Gaga could just leave the perishable materials behind in her dark, dark past and wear something made out of real fabric so that the rest of us can keep our food down. If she really wants to support PETA, she could auction off the gown and donate the money to the activist organization.

[via AnythingHollywood]