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Marc Jacobs is Going to Be in the Movies

Your favorite vainglorious fashion designer, Mr. Marc Jacobs, announced last night that he's going to be in the movies, as an actor. After presenting at the WSJ Magazine Innovator of the Year Awards, he shared the big news with a friendly reporter: "I got cast in a role in a movie. They're filming next week and I'm excited. I get to play a character that's not myself at all."

I can only begin to dream of this magical feature film that'll soon grace our movie screens. It sounds like Jacobs was cast in more than just a cameo role, but I can't even imagine what character he might play. In my fantasy of fantasies, he'd show off his acting chops in the role of a talking cat, but if that's too ambitious for the fledgling actor, maybe he'll play a fashion trainwreck with a heart of gold. Just something to look forward to.

[via Fashionologie; image courtesy of Posh24]