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Kate Middleton Tops Harper’s Bazaar UK Best Dressed List

Kate MiddletonCatherine might be only the Duchess of Cambridge but, at least according to Harper's Bazaar UK, she's the Queen of Style.

The fashion glossy has just released its annual Best Dressed List, and Duchess Kate tops it, beating out worthy contenders like Florence Welch, Kate Moss, and Tilda Swinton.

Bazaar editors cited Kate's Sarah Burton-designed Alexander McQueen gown at the Royal Wedding as "the year’s – if not the century’s – most thrilling fashion moment.” Yea, I guess it was pretty good.

Certainly, of any British lady alive today, Kate Middleton's style is consistent, occasion appropriate, and tasteful. Every outfit she wears is scrutinized down to the panty line, and she doesn't just cave under the pressure. Even though I personally find her style to be a little boring and uninspiring, she deserves to be named Best Dressed of Britiain. She pulls off her own look flawlessly time and time again.

That being said, Harper's Bazaar's list is insufferable. I get that the editors anticipated a lot of attention, but it's just a half-arbitrary ordering of names, not a divine edict. To say that Kate stole the show because she underwent an “incredible style evolution that has gripped us all” is really just overdramatic. It "gripped" you? She's wearing more high-end designers than she did before she was royalty, sure, but she still hasn't shaved her head or rocked a pair of studded shades. She's kind of just wearing more expensive versions of the same dresses she's always worn.

Mostly, I just complain about the panel's statements about Alexa Chung, who came in at number nine on the list: she has "legs like biros — the best in town." Um, gross!!! Her legs are like a brand of really cheap, skinny ballpoint pens? First of all, no they aren't—that's insulting to her legs. Second of all, awesome legs are awesome, but legs alone don't get you dressed the morning. Alexa Chung isn't stylish because she has nice legs, pen-like or otherwise, she's stylish because she knows how to put together an outfit over those legs. The End.

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