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Grown Up Clothes Not Working for You? Try Gap Kids

About two years ago, the French First Lady and apple of my eye Carla Bruni got on television wearing a jacket from Stella McCartney's Gap Kids collection. She didn't try to bust a seam buttoning the child-sized top, and the cropped length was a good look for her. Plus, Carla Bruni is a supreme badass who's allowed to do anything she wants.

Carla Bruni in Gap Kids

Fast forward to yesterday, when The New York Times decided it would be totally awesome to write an earnest article about how Gap Kids is all the rage amoung adult women.

"The children’s collection, Sizes 2 to 14 (and up to 18 online), matchstick-slender types like the actress Kristin Chenoweth…and Jenne Lombardo, a branding consultant. Ms. Lombardo…said she found the children’s line to fit better, and to be more distinctive, than Gap’s adult-size offerings."

I'm on to your games, Ms. Jenne Lombardo: you're a branding consultant for Gap Kids, aren't you? And you and the NYTimes are in cahoots to brand Gap Kids as an aspirational clothing option on the basis of its smaller sizes. I'm disgusted.

I have actually known some adults that sometimes take a dip into their kids' closets: adults and children have been sharing clothing since the beginning of time, when fashion was all about the lamb pelt. People should just do whatever they want. But I can't see this taking off in a big way, you know what I mean? You can't build a wardrobe out of Gap Kids tees alone. You need pants! Am I right? Even Carla Bruni wears pants.