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Buzzfeed Plants a Mock Vigil Mourning Kim and Kris’ Divorce

Everyone's a player in the game of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' over-hyped wedding and just confirmed divorce, and lines between the winners and losers are being drawn.

Even though they've lost their holy union, Kim and Kris are the true victors here. After netting about $18 million for their wedding, and hanging in for 72 days before deciding to split, both players are on the fast track to big fees from the tabloid to sell their divorce story.

Another winner turns out to be Buzzfeed, an entertainment site that's milking the scandal in service of its site. In an inspired move, Buzzfeed planted a smallish (I'm counting about twenty people) crowd of compatriots for a candlelight vigil outside of the Dash store in NYC. Armed with hilarious signs ("Stop Making Lamar Sad! WHY?!?!"), flowers, guitars, and candles, the mourners posed for photos and generally had a raucous time.

The Cut got the joke, but assumed it was a smart publicity ploy for the Kardashian brand. No, no, no, that's really not the Kardashians' style. This is way better. Stickering their signs with the Buzzfeed logos, one small website in New York found a very viral way to spend a weekday afternoon away from their desks.