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The Video Version of Raquel Zimmermann’s Vogue Italia Editorial

Even though I spent most of Monday gushing about Vogue Italia's November cover and main editorial spread starring Raquel Zimmermann, I never expected it to be a gift that kept on giving. Since the creative team at the Italian glossy obviously knew they were creating pure genius (overstatement, whatever), they pulled together a video version of the NYC subway-inspired print editorial.

Even though Steven Meisel did a very good job (natch) shooting 'The A-List' print photos, I think I like the video more. If that's even possible. The clip leaves out the police presence that dominates the print pictures, which I couldn't quite wrap my head around, and sets the action to the song, Silence by the Food Stamps. Raquel is amazingly good at posing inside a moving subway car and her outfits are ludicrous and incredible—but we already knew all about that from the photo series. Running over two minutes, the video has time to tell a story that was missing from the print pictures: she's on the subway but we don't know where she's going, and it seems like even she doesn't know where she's going; but when you look at her, you can tell that she's already arrived. Another way of putting is, she doesn't need to have a destination because she is the destination.

[via Fashin]