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Link Buzz: Coco Rocha’s Jewelry for Charity & Everyone Hates the Economy

  • Coco Rocha JewelryCoco Rocha designed a jewelry line to help Cambodian victims of human trafficking. “Accessorize your conscience,” says Coco Rocha. Okay, but don't I need to dress it in some clothes, first? (FabSugar)

  • Lindsay Lohan is dressing her conscience up in prison stripes: the tabloid wreck has been sentenced to six days in jail for violating probation. (CelebDirtyLaundry)

  • Are prisoners allowed to paint their nails? LiLo could spend her time in the slammer perfecting these 10 DIY high-fashion manicures. (BellaSugar)

  • We're all prisoners of something, and I'm a prisoner of love…for this Chanel Tweed and Calfskin Messenger Bag. Retailing for $3,100, it's a steal. But only if you want to get arrested and charged for shoplifting. (BagSnob)

  • This just in: a new survey confirms that American consumers are not delusional, think that the economy is in bad shape. (WWD)