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Victoria Beckham is “Super-Smart,” Says Katie Hillier

Katie HillierAt this point, there isn't really a single person working in the fashion industry that doubts Victoria Beckham's skill as a designer.

Her first attempts at designing a collection were greeted with the same amount of skepticism the fashion industry heaps on any celebrity that tries their hand at building their own line (see: Kanye). But unlike most celebrities-turned-designers, Victoria Beckham has earned a legit spot for herself within the industry, and the support of top influencers. "I'm a natural cynic about celebrity collections, so I have to hold my hand up and say, I was  wrong about her. She's doing a fantastic job," Grazia's Paula Reed told us last year.

Victoria Beckham hardly needs defending anymore, but people won't stop defending her. The latest fashion person to gush about the former Spice Girl's pure design amazingness is her accessories line collaborator, designer Katie Hillier:

"Victoria is super-smart – people need to rethink their opinion of her. She knows a lot about handbags. In fact, she knows a lot about everything to do with fashion. Working with her is not only really good fun; it's satisfying because the product is so amazing. It's hard to design a bag that speaks for itself. With Victoria, it's all about the quality. I get emails from her saying, 'The little inside pocket doesn't have the right stitching.'"

I don't think anyone reading a post about Katie Hillier on a fashion site doubts Beckham's commitment to quality: not only can the lady dress herself and put out a fine collection, she also has an enviable and very public family life. Does anyone think she needs even more hype? It sounds like Katie Hillier has a girl crush, which I totally get. Posh was always my favorite Spice Girl, but I never even dreamed that one day she'd make bags.