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Lady Gaga’s Blood and Semen Perfume Still Happening

Lady Gaga ClawsLady Gaga wasn't joking when she promised to launch a blood and semen scented perfume. As we reported in Feburary, the fragrance will be called "Monster" and will launch in Spring 2012. And it'll be disgusting, I'm sure.

Bloody semen is actually, like, a medical disorder. Blood and semen might be a vulgar, hackneyed concept, but it's also one of the symptoms of prostate cancer. I personally have no interest in smelling like a terminal illness, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one.

Will Gaga's teenage fanbase rush out to the store to spritz themselves with the essence of bodily fluids? I don't know. I mean, their choice of pop stars may demonstrate remarkably poor judgement, but I'd like to think that even Lady Gaga fans have some limits.

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