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Barneys Installs Gaga’s Workshop for the Holidays

I'm a total grump when it comes to the holiday season, and apparently this Christmas is going to be extra-insufferable. I'd known that Lady Gaga and her magical elves would be setting up a magical, in-your-face extravaganza at Barneys, called Gaga's Workshop, and now that the installation is well underway I finally realize what horrors are in store.

Ugh. Just ugh. The photo above is a rendering of the Gaga Workshop entrance they're installing on 60th street and just ugh. I kind of like it. ARRRG! Why can't Lady Gaga just be a total, unprofessional flake? Why couldn't she have backed out of this project last minute and screwed Barneys over? Instead, we're going to have to deal with this unfortunately interesting Lady Gaga vanity project for the next month of our lives.

Above, a handmade Lady Gaga chocolate skull (oh hi: ripping off McQueen much?) and a claw Christmas stocking, both retailing at around $65. A good way to turn your child into a miserable, spoiled brat devoid of inner resources is to gift him or her with one of the $65 Lady Gaga claw Christmas stockings.

The creative team consulted with Gaga's mom about the installation: "She knew Gaga’s favorite chocolates or her favorite books when she was little. We really wanted this experience to be like going through her memories, in a very surreal way," said Nicola Formichetti, the pop star's stylist and top sycophant. I hate that this sounds cool.

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