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The UK Bans Marc Jacobs’ Oh Lola Ad

Marc Jacobs Oh LolaMarc Jacobs' print ad for his Oh Lola fragrance, starring Dakota Fanning and photographed by Juergen Teller, have been banned in the UK. The Advertising Standards Authority has determined that the campaign made Fanning appear even younger than her seventeen years, and that the placement of the perfume bottle was "sexually provocative."

Yea, this ad is pretty skeezy. Less for Dakota Fanning's youthful appearance (she always looks young. She IS young.) and more for the ridiculous perfume bottle resting on her crotch.

Coty, the fragrance company that controls Marc Jacobs' beauty license, protested the ban, arguing that "the ad was[n't] inappropriately sexualized because it did not show any private body parts or sexual activity.” I'm sorry, guys: flower petals are the most blatant, obvious symbol for female genetalia in the Western World. This ad is many things, but it's not subtle.

[via BellaSugar]