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Versace for H&M is Already on EBay

Versace for H&MDo you want to buy overpriced pieces from the not-yet-released Versace for H&M collection? If so, I don't even sort of understand you, but I can help you fulfill your dreams.

Donatella's mass-market line won't be in stores until next week, but The Cut discovered that several pieces have already hit eBay, at a massive price hike. A leopard print sequin dress that's set to retail for $129 at H&M is up for $349 on eBay right now. Just process that for a second: I know the Versace capsule collection is the hottest thing in the whole entire world right now, and that the demand for pieces is going to be high, but Versace-designed or not, it's still a sequined H&M dress that someone will probably buy for $349. Don't let it be you!

All the eBay offerings I checked out were on sale through users elenafoxx and gapspiz. elenafozz very graciously included her Twitter handle in her profile, and the feed includes plenty of Tweets about the Versace for H&M party that took place in New York on Tuesday. Here's how the unreleased Versace for H&M collection went from runway to eBay: