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Manolo Blahnik & Franca Sozzani Want Galliano to Return to Dior

Franca Sozzani & Manolo BlahnikSince sacking John Galliano, Dior is having a ridiculously hard time tracking down a new designer. It's so weird. You can practically charge college students for internships, but you can't pay anyone enough to take the job of head designer for one of the world's most legendary fashion brands.

Manolo Blahnik and Franca Sozzani seem to think that there's only one way for Dior to get of their pickle: by hiring John Galliano back.

Manolo told Vogue UK:

"Franca Sozzani once said something about John Galliano that I thought was perfect. She said that 'Dior's solution and salvation would be to bring back that man,' – and I agree. Of course he would never do that after being so badly treated. What he said was horrific, but said under the influence of drugs and alcohol – that is no reason to destroy talent."

Ach, NOOOOOOO. The entire fashion industry would fall apart like a house of cards if Dior even said the words "John Galliano." The brand's main problem right now is that they can't move past the Galliano scandal earlier this year. Returning to it would only make matters worse.