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Watch Lady Gaga Read the Intro to Her Terry Richardson Book [VIDEO]

Lady Gaga decided that the best way for her to introduce her insufferable "amazing" new collaborative book, Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson, was to read the intro on-camera. We agreed: it's a genius plan. Give people a taste of what you're selling so they can realize it's rancid.

In case you can't stand hearing her voice or looking at her face, I've taken the liberty of transcribing the entire introduction. It's an instant classic. "It's dedicated to Little Monsters, naturally."


Sometimes I feel like I've waited my entire life to be photographed by Terry Richardson. The relationship with Terry extends beyond the photograph, and if you're lucky, he will teach you something truly profound about yourself. I've discovered through him that shame is an obsolete notion and apology is an injustice to any performance. Perhaps it is his kind eyes behind those famous glasses. or maybe it's the giggling noise he makes at four in the morning when he's caught me in bed—click, giggle, click, click, click, 'beautiful*.'

To say he is a free spirit is a tremendous understatement and to say that he or I make people uncomfortable is spot-on. We share these things in common although it is unique to Terry and to his subjects that there are no limitations, at all. His heart is too wide, and he makes me want to widen my own. Terry finds beauty in the most intricate and unassuming places. His photography beckons the question again and again: should there ever be limitations in art? Because when he captures me in a moment of such tandem and artistic human purity, I'm convinced that the answer is, we must push the boundaries of culture through love and acceptance.

There is no moment too strange, no angle too unflattering, no circumstance relying on blind artifice, and never a time when I feel embarrassed or unsafe. Awakened with in me is a perverse liberation, inspired to feel that it is okay to view yourself as hyper-human. That is how Terry views me. I am so real, he says, I am unreal.

Video below, if you can stomach it:

[via MTV Style]

* Too funny. I think I've had this exact same nightmare.