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Want $225 Limited-Edition Lady Gaga Press-On Nails? (YES!)

Lady Gaga's holiday workshop at Barneys New York opens tonight at 11:59PM, and even though I'm Scrooge when it comes to both Lady Gaga and the holidays, I've got to admit that the Barneys installation sounds like a real treat.

If you're in New York and willing to drag yourself out of the house for tonight's midnight opening, you'll likely catch glimpse of the Lady of the hour herself (sources say she's making an appearance), but more importantly, you might be able to bag one of these Naomi Yasuda limited-edition nail press-on sets (below).

Lady Gaga Nails

Gaga's nail tech created only 30 sets, and they'll be retailing for $225 a piece, which is by no means cheap or free or even reasonably priced, but they are truly awesome. 25% of the profits are going to Gaga's Born This Way charity foundation, so if you manage to snatch one up, you can justify the high pricetag as a good deed.

[via BellaSugar]