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“The Hilfigers” Are Back Again

Every Christmas, Tommy Hilfiger's imaginary family, The Hilfigers, reunite to show off the latest of the brand's casual-preppy offerings. Surprise! They're all still very attractive, wealthy, all wearing pretty much the same outfit, and worshiping at the alter of Hilfiger. Even the wrapping paper on their Christmas presents is branded! It's like, they have no aspect to their personality besides the fact that they're always around for the holidays and they really, really like clothing designed by Tommy Hilfiger.

The Hilfigers

This year, they're starring in a campaign called “Holiday Par-tay.” FYI, Hilfigers: no one really says "par-tay" any more, much less spells it out, unless they're making fun of someone that's planning to throw a lame "par-tay." On the bright side, their holiday party will be disco-themed in the 30-second video spot that's premiering on November 23. I love disco-themed everything, but I've got to wonder how the Hilfigers are going to pull this one off. Last I checked, plaid pajama seperates are not disco-appropriate attire. I suspect some hilarity might ensue.