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Naomi Campbell is Editor-at-Large for German & Russian Version of Interview Mag

Naomi Campbell Interview MagazineAs a disclaimer before I start telling you about the latest in fashion magazine news, namely that Naomi Campbell is going to have her editorial hand in the new German and Russian editions of Interview magazine, I should just note that as a lifelong ANTM watcher, I'm totally Team Tyra when it comes to choosing sides in the notorious supermodel feud. Disclaimer over.

So yeah, why is Naomi Campbell editing (at-large) anything? Don't get me wrong, I don't think she's braindead or anything, but do you REMEMBER when she interviewed Vladimir Putin for GQ and the only questions she could ask him were about what he does to stay in such great shape? Oh, okay: you're going to sit down with a quasi-dictator and flatter him for a feature in an American magazine? I mean, come on, it's not even like he's in that great of shape. He's no Ryan Gosling.

I guess I just don't have a lot of faith in Naomi Campbell's ability to contribute to compelling content, unless she's posing for it. Anyway, the Russian version of Interview is hitting newsstands on Friday, and the supermodel's writing the intro to the new glossy. Twenty bucks if she mentions Putin's awesome pecs.

She'll also be interviewing some undisclosed VIPs for the German Issue of the legendary culture mag. If she asks Angela Merkel about her hairstylist I'm going to quit my life.

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Image from Interview Magazine October 2010