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Vogue Italia Gives You Karlie Kloss for XMas

Karlie Kloss Vogue ItaliaKarlie Kloss looks just unbelievable on Vogue Italia's December cover. The mag seems to know that, and so they wrapped her up in a bow. The giftwrapping was a questionable design decision, but the cover, photographed by Steven Meisel, is a knockout. Whenever fashion media personalities have used words like "fierce" or "major" in the past, to describe something extremely chic, they've been anticipating this cover. Holy Karlie.

Believe it or not (you'll probably believe it), this is Karlie's second December 2011 cover for the Vogue family. The newly-minted Victoria's Secret model might have gotten her bubblegum pink mainstream wings, but she's also killing it when it comes to high fashion. Her December Vogue Germany cover is just as phenomenal—really, both Karlie covers are some of the most striking, awesomely done cover images I've seen in the recent past. And she has me thinking that we might see a new era of the supermodel, with Karlie Kloss at its head.

[via Fashin]