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See Sasha Pivovarova’s Sleepwear Collection for Gap

While you were busy thinking about temporary lip tattoos, model Sasha Pivovarova was busy not only starring in international ad campaigns for Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss, but also designing her very own sleepwear capsule collection for GapBody.

Irritating as it might be whenever a model takes on a side project (in a just world, how talented is one person allowed to be?), it's even more irritating when they excel at it. Sasha Pivovarova's drawings for her lounge-wear and underthings line are totally well-executed and delightful. I'd wear her designs in a second and pretend I'd done them myself.

The line features Sasha's ethereal pastel drawings on white satin separates at prices ranging from $24.95 to $69.95. For other opportunities to buy up some of the supermodel's art, hold tight for her illustrations in Karl Lagerfeld's upcoming fairy tale book.

Some girls have all the luck. The rest of us just have to live vicariously through them.

[via Telegraph UK]