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Dianna Agron Styled as Twiggy for Nylon

Dianna Agron NylonGlee star and red carpet babe Dianna Agron posed as Twiggy for the cover of Nylon's January Issue (can you believe it's December already? I still haven't gotten over the end of summer, and we're suddenly deep in winter) and the result isn't too hot.

The actress and style star is typically so impeccably dressed and styled that she's almost unrecognizable on this latest cover. The makeup (heavy eyes and powder-nude lips) make Dianna's face look washed out, and the clothing (polka-dot white tights and a neon-pink and white lace dress) kind of looks like Forever 21 vomited up an overpriced East Village thrift store.

Pair the awful styling job with Dianna's unhappy pose, like she wants to crawl out of her skin—or at least, our of that heavy, itchy-looking lace—and you can see that things are just bad here all around.

I know this is supposed to be a throwback, but the whole point of doing retro is bringing it up to date. Twiggy had a look that resonated with the times but this cover looks like it just needs to go away.

[via AnythingHollywood]

Photo courtesy of the TFS Forums