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Versace for H&M Items are Being Returned to Stores

Versace for H&MYou and me and everyone we know might have gone hog wild for the Versace for H&M collection as soon as it hit stores, but it looks like the hype got ahead of itself. People lined up outside H&M stores overnight, bought up everything they could touch to resell for recession-oblivious prices on eBay, and crashed H&M servers all over the world. But now, it looks like some of the sold-out goods are making their way back into the hands of retailers.

The New York City based shopping blog, Madison Avenue Spy, reports that New York's 86th Street H&M store has devoted an entire women's department section to Versace returns:

"There are lots of little pink bags and lots and lots of shoes. In the clothing section there are several of pink skirts with tassels, purple dresses and sequined print dresses. We found only one pair of printed leggings in a size two and a single bustier top. The pièce de résistance, however, was a men's overcoat with a leather lapel and leather sleeves."

No sighting of the amazing Mark Ronson-approved h2t bubblegum pink suit, though? I'll probably have to resist the trip uptown. More industrious NYC residents might want to consider making the trek, though: the retailers' prices are more reasonable than anything you'll be able to dredge up on the online shopping sites. That being said, the glut of Versace for H&M on eBay is probably what's driving these returns: maybe people are smarter than the opportunists hoped, and unwilling to spend unreasonably for H&M-quality clothing.

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