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Watch the Trailer for Alexa Chung’s New Lifetime Fashion Show

It's normally impossible to say this about anything Alexa Chung has ever been involved with, but her latest project is going to make you feel way better about your life. Even though the trailer for her new Lifetime fashion show, 24 Hour Catwalk, makes the reality program seem less appealing than the common cold, it's refreshing to see a small moment of failure from the otherwise flawless style icon. I like Alexa Chung so much more now that I realize she's human, and just like the rest of us, sometimes finds herself making dated Snakes on a Plane jokes on national television. Anyway, the only thing that might make this otherwise depressing specimen of reality television worth watching is Alexa's awesomely messy hair. When was the last time you saw such great, chic bedhead on a host of a national TV program? Never, that's when. If that's enough incentive for you to tune in, mark your calender for January 10.



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