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ANTM’s Whitney Thompson Launches a Dating Site

Whitney ThompsonAmerica's Next Top Model Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson is launching a brand new dating site for plus-size women called—get ready for it—The Big and the Beautiful.

The reality TV star talked about the anxiety she experienced while online dating that led her to develop the niche site:

“[When] I would [call myself] a ‘plus-sized model’ . . . guys would expect me to be a really big girl. But if I said, ‘I’m a model,’ [they were] disappointed that I’m bigger. Either way, I wasn’t what the guy was looking for."

Of course, instead of starting her own dating site, Whitney could have just posted more accurate photos on her page. But why update your dating profile when you can just launch your own site and go on a media blitz publicizing your single-and-looking status? 

Site membership may cost $40 a month (plus dates) but the promotional video, below, is priceless:

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