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Missoni for Target is Back in Stores

Missoni for TargetMissoni for Target was hugely successful at generating plenty of buzz for the fast fashion capsule collection, but the initiative fell apart when it came time to getting clothes into the hands of shoppers. The mad rush for Target's Missoni line crashed the retailer's website, created pandamonium at the stores, and cluttered eBay with pieces from a collection at several times the retail price. Some shoppers claimed that Target was unable to fulfill many placed orders.

But now, Target's finally figured out how to get their Missoni line back into stores and online. I'm kind of tapped out on designer/mass collaborations for the moment, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself to some sweet zigzags.

[Update: Just heard from Target and they wanted to clarify that the collection wasn't available in stores but only online at]

[via StyleCaster]

Image courtesy of SheFinds