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The CFDA Stands Up to Milan

Anna Wintour Steven Kolb CFDAIn the last installment of the international fashion week scandal that's threatening to change the face of fashion as we know her, big bully Milan said it might be willing to move its proposed September 2012 fashion week schedule so that it doesn't interfere with New York and London runway shows, but only if New York would be willing to cut its fashion week by one day.

New York isn't having it. We're agreeing to the new scheduling plans, but we aren't sacrificing any bit of our eight-day fashion week. Good for us. Shaving off a day of NYFW would accomodate the London Fashion Week menswear shows, but it would leave industry heavyweights like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein adrift in scheduling limbo.

When Milan first made the proposal to eliminate a day of New York shows, I predicted that the move was a power play to restage the conflict as a matter between New York and London. The British fashion body has sent over its own response to Milan's pitch, but it hasn't been obtained by news outlets. We'll see if London bites.

Image courtesy of Buro247

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