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Valentino, Rachel Zoe, and Georgina Chapman Talk Anne Hathaway’s Wedding Gown

Anne Hathaway & ValentinoFamous movie star and Princess of Genovia Anne Hathaway is getting married to fiance Adam Shulman and the world is gearing up for the biggest fairy tale wedding since Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries. (Hathaway might be going for more of a "happily ever after" retro throwback concept.)

While we sit and wait to see what the bride-to-be opts to wear on her big day, several key fashion players have weighed in on that decision.

Rachel Zoe, Hathaway's stylist, knows that this'll be a tough call:

“But it should be interesting. She’s so young and such a romantic. It will be a fashion ‘moment’ whatever she decides.”

Hathaway's designer BFF, Valentino, is gunning for the job of designing the superstar's gown:

“I am so happy for Anne. And I would do my best creation for her. She’s a lovely person. She wears the clothes very, very well. So I would do something special … but I cannot say exactly which type of dress.”

But he'll have to compete against Marchesa designer and industry heavyweight Georgina Chapman, who knows how to say the right thing when pressed on these matters:

“I’d have to talk to Annie and see what she would like. They all come up with very different ideas, and that’s what’s wonderful about designing a wedding dress. Everyone has a different opinion. I’d listen to my bride.”

Personally, if I were designing a gown, I'd ignore Hathaway's opinion. Brides are so emotional and also women, so you really can't expect them to think clearly. I think the actress would look awesome in a mustard yellow flapper mini-dress with beige trim and a sequined crotch. So out-of-the-box! It would truly be a fashion "moment."

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