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Meryl Streep Covers Vogue

Meryl Streep Vogue

Here she is: Meryl Streep on her first-ever cover of US Vogue for the fashion bible's January issue. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz and perched on a rocky shore, the legendary American actress simply looks great. 

Even though it's a near-tragedy that the elegant, talented Streep had never before fronted the fashion glossy (she did share the cover of Vogue Paris May 2010 with Penelope Cruz), it's hard to imagine a better debut. At 62, Streep is likely the oldest woman to ever appear on the cover of American Vogue (At 59, Priscilla Presley appeared on the August 2004 issue with daughter Lisa Marie and granddaughter Riley.) That's not small potatoes. You don't need me to tell you that fashion can too often be lazy when it comes to age, championing youth as a virtue and stamping women with expiration dates. 

My one compaint?The magazine's December cover featured Charlize Theron going for a little swim, and this January cover takes Vogue readers along for another trip to a beach. I don't know where US Vogue editors hang out in the winter, but their offices are in New York. And the winter weather on the East Coast and, in fact, in most parts of the country, isn't prime tanning time. Coats can be chic too.

[via AmyGrindhouse]