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Raf Simons for Dior?

Raf SimonsCould it be? Has the moment we've been waiting for, the crowning of the new designer of Dior, finally upon us? Even though WWD is reporting that Dior is close to finalizing a deal with Jil Sander designer Raf Simons, I can't allow myself to believe.

John Galliano was dismissed from Dior earlier this year, after he was captured on video making anti-Semitic and racist comments at a Parisian cafe. Plenty of fashion industry bigshots rushed to his defense, excusing his disgraceful rants as the drunken ramblings of a sick, tortured genius. Galliano was (is?) a talented designer, but Dior rightly refused to tolerate his behavior.

Ever since Galliano's firing, Dior's had a number of false starts signing on a new designer. In the most high profile bit of negotiations, the French fashion house was in conversation with Marc Jacobs, who was reportedly asking for an obscene amount of money for himself and his partner, Robert Duffy.

The Simons/Dior deal hasn't been finalized and since we've all been jerked around so much during this process, it would probably be best to be very Zen about this development. Whatever happens, happens—but at least Dior is finally making moves again.

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