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Kanye West Hearts Kim Kardashian?

Kanye KimThere have been some whispers going around, alleging that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian used to have a thing, and now that Kim's sad marriage has come to an even sadder end, Kanye seems to be interested in reigniting their old flame. Guess things are over between him and Chanel Iman.

At the rapper's "Watch the Throne" concert in LA, Kim was seated in the very best of the very good seats, and Kanye couldn't pay attention to anyone else, including the very baby-bumpy Beyonce, at the afterparty. At one point, the great Kanye even resorted to throwing a bottle of champagne against the floor to get her attention. (I don't really understand this sequence: why would anyone be more likely to pay positive attention to someone smashing glass at an otherwise peaceful party? It must be nice to be Kanye, living in OppositeLand.)

Also, Kanye just could not stop touching the reality star. A lovely anonymous source provided a really vivid description of the rapper's game:


“Kanye was eating Kim up like she was a piece of cake. He was all over her — caressing her head, touching her waist.”

They should just get married.

Image via SnitchyBitch

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