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Giambattista Valli Was Granted Official Couture Status

Giambattista ValliGiambattista Valli has been granted official couture status by the French fashion body, Chambre Syndicale. Valli debuted his first couture collection last summer and though the process to become a sanctioned couturier typically takes five years, the Chambre expedited Valli's application on the grounds of his awesomeness.

President Didier Grumbach explained the decision:

“It was clear from his show that he has caught the attention of a new generation of customers, and he immediately took important orders for his couture … it’s true that the haute couture appellation gives him legitimacy, but objectively speaking, he is already part of the system.”

Not only is Valli's name a red carpet buzz word, this fall the designer launched an acclaimed capsule collection for Macy's which blew fast fashion efforts from most other (even more established) designers out of the water. Valli's shows are sure to be a favorite in the couture rotation in the coming years—and a total treat for all our eyeballs.

Image via SFGate

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