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Is Vogue Planning an Adele Cover? (!!!)

AdeleEarlier this morning, WWD reported that Vogue was hassling a bunch of designers to send the magazine some of their very best gowns in a size 14 or so. The industry trade mag suggested that it was very likely that the dresses were intended for one of this year's major stars, Adele. (After a bit of confusion about the veracity of the rumor, Fashionista said that they "had it on good authority" that the gossip would soon be confirmed as truth.)

The pop star seems like a perfect choice for the style mag: Adele has broad, practically limitless appeal, but you couldn't exactly call her mass market. Yet despite her awesome popularity and overall awesomeness, it would be an understatement to say that an Adele cover for US Vogue would come as a surprise.

The singer is allegedly slated to appear on the March issue of the magazine, the second most important issue of the year, after September. Adele doesn't look like a typical cover star, so if these rumors bear out, the singer's Vogue cover would be a major sign that the fashion industry is moving (slowly) toward a new era of inclusivity.

I've got my fingers crossed.

Image via Biola