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Why Does Everyone Still Care About Sarah Jessica Parker?

Sarah Jessica Parker VogueI don't know how she does it, but Sarah Jessica Parker manages to stay relevant despite mounting evidence that her career is over, or at least hopelessly dull.

Sure, she's starred in a handful of dissapointing romcoms in the years since the series finale of Sex & the City, hosted a poorly-rated reality art competition, and made some turns on the red carpet and in front of the papparazzi lenses, but let's be real, here: it's been an extremely long time since Sarah Jessica Parker did something worth caring about.

Still, the newest Audit Bureau of Circulations report found that SJP's face sells magazines like no other, pretty much. In 2011, the actress covered Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, and her issues were consistently second or third bestsellers for the magazines, edging out newer and trendier stars. Her fame may be legitimate but it's baffling in its unrelenting intensity. Did anyone actually watch Sex & the City? Sarah Jessica Parker may have her charms and be able to pull off a lot style-wise, but you know she can't act, right?

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