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Kristen Stewart to Model for Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart BalenciagaLet's just get this out of the way: Kristen Stewart accidentally stumbled into insane movie stardom and has never really figured out how to deal, but she's a very pretty, and by all accounts bright, young woman. Here's what she isn't: a Balenciaga model.

I get that luxury brands have to cast some campaigns with celebrities to appeal to the kinds of people who don't obsessively comb throught the TFS modeling boards, but casting Kristen Stewart in a Balenciaga fragrance campaign is a step too far.

Kristen Stewart is quite possibly the least expressive actress working today. She makes Keanu Reeves look emotive. Her face might work for vampire blockbusters, but her range doesn't extend past "stupidly in love with a stupid blood-sucking dolt."

Not to to mention—the actress has herself admitted that she doesn't know how to wear gowns. Look to your right. Have you ever seen anyone look less comfortable and confident in Balenciaga?

Image via DressInDresses

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