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Preview Dita Von Teese for Target

Dita Von TeeseDita Von Teese is coming to Target with a line of vintage-inspired lingerie pieces. The burlesque dancer's intimates collection won't be available outside of Australia (North American and Eurpoean shoppers will have to contend with eBay), hitting stores and on February 8.

Von Teese built her celebrity on a foundation of underwear, so her new bodywear line seems like an inevitability. But even though Dita's ultra-feminine, proto-goth aesthetic has plenty of commercial appeal, it doesn't seem like a natural fit for Target's fluorescent stores and happy-go-lucky branding.

Not to mention: garters and corsets don't translate to lower price points the way cotton briefs and sports bras might. Nipped silhouettes and lacy overlays rely on sound construction and high-quality fabrics—not even sort of Target's strong points. The retailer's boutique fashion lines do a good job of translating the vision and overall sensibility of designer items to mass-produced apparel, but even though the pieces seem pretty in the lookbooks and hanging on the Target racks, each one is a hop, skip, and jump away from becoming just another crumpled rag stuffed in the back of your drawers.

Dita Von Teese for Target is worth browsing at the store if you're hanging out in Australia, but save your eBaying for another time. La Perla this is not.

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