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The Kardashian Magazine Deal Falls Through

Earlier this month, we heard that the Kardashian family was in negotiations with the publisher American Media Inc. (AMI) to launch their very own magazine. The reality TV clan has its detractors (like you and me and everyone we know) but their exceptional celebrity, pursuit of publicity, tasteless displays of wealth, and open-book personal lives are a compelling combination. Let's just say that I was really looking forward to seeing a Kardashian-only tabloid, and we here at The Fashion Spot thought it had a lot of comic potential.

The Kardashians

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As it happens, our dreams have been dashed. Kris Jenner, the girls' notorious momager, made such unreasonable demands of AMI, that execs shut down talks and blasted the thwarted deal as "Kardashian krap." Not an overstatement. We'd anticipated that the Kardashians would ask for editorial oversight of their vanity publication, but Jenners went so far as to ask for editorial control of all Kardashian coverage across all of AMI's properties. That's not small potatoes. The publisher's chattel of media outlets includes Shape, Star, The National Enquirer, Radar Online, The Globe, and Sun. Yeah. Without Kardashian gossip-mongering, most of those publications would just be selling blank pages.

There's some speculation that Kris overstepped her bounds in talks because she felt slighted by this week's lead National Enquirer story alleging that O.J. Simpson had fathered Khloe Kardashian. False paternity claims are totally irritating, and AMI didn't back down. So, with bad feelings all around, Kris Jenners pulled all advertising of Kardashian products from AMI's properties. So, no Kardashian magazine and no Kardashian advertising, which really is a net gain for the world.

Of course, pissing off a major tabloid publisher doesn't seem like a smart move. Expect to see either a Kardashian media blackout (please!) or, more likely, some truly underhanded anti-Kardashian stories floating around in the coming weeks.

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