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Karl Lagerfeld’s Kitten is a Natural Snob

Last MKarl Lagerfeld Simpsonsonday, we met Karl Lagerfeld's fantastically cute new kitten, Choupette; today, the high fashion furball got its very first write-up in WWD, cementing the miniature feline's status as an industry power player.

It seems very next-level-of-hell to gossip about the Chanel designer's cat, but I'd gossip about my own cat, too, if anyone cared.

Choupette was presented to his owner as a Christmas present (from a MYSTERIOUS LOVER, perchance?) and it was pretty much love at first sight. All his life, the be-sunglassed, white haired aesthete yearned to meet his match in terms of affectation and waried disdain for the human world.

And by all accounts, he has. His mouse-hunting buddy a) hates TV b) shares the Kaiser's fiendish obsession with paper and books c) has an unconventional diet. The designer might get through the day by chugging bottles and bottles of his beloved Diet Coke, but his furry little friend prefers a different kind of no-calore treat: Choupette's got a paper-chewing habit. Eating paper is like the epitome of an interesting distinguishing quirk. This kitten is going to be the toast of the town, an insta-hit at cocktail parties. Some creatures truly have it all.

Image via LaChanelphile

[via WWD]