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Prabal Gurung’s ICB Collection Will Be Streamed Online, Only

Prabal GurungSome day, maybe soon, runway shows attended by guests will be a thing of the past.

The dark days are already upon us. For his first ICB collection this February, Prabal Gurung is hosting an online-only show. Instead of recieving an invite in the mail, fashion editors and buyers will get a log-in account to watch his show streaming live on

In a conversation with Eric Wilson of The New York Times, Prabal made it clear that the livestream would be an exclusive event and the riff-raff should just stick to funny cat vids, or whatever:

“The password is just a replacement for your seat number. To me, it’s not MTV, it’s not YouTube. It’s for the industry.”

Not digging this. Wilson points out that watching a runway show on your computer or IPhone doesn't at all match the experience of attending in person. Too true: what about the gift bags and swag?! What about the street style photographers lurking outside the shows, begging editors to pout and pose? Runway shows are only about 45% of the entire fashion week experience. Everyone needs a reason to wake up in the morning, and for some fashion people, the shows are the only thing they've got*. It's a sad, lonely life.

Not to mention—it's hard to imagine what the clips would actually look like. Will Prabal stream an edited fashion film? Just long shots of models parading around in an empty room? It's a doomed concept, and just too bad that Prabal has to be its guinea pig.

Image via V Mag

[via NYTimes]

*Full disclosure: I never go to shows. My sense of self-worth is the only thing I've got.