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Let Karl Lagerfeld Be Your Captain on Air Chanel

Chanel CoutureKarl Lagerfeld appears to think too highly of air travel. One might safely assume that the Chanel designer never flies coach, and there's way more glamour to be had in the first class world of champagne toasts and cloth napkins, but that still doesn't, to my mind, justify flying as a fashion fantasy.

Sorry, but airports are smelly, hopeless places and airlines are some of the spazziest companies around, always running behind schedule and losing luggage to the clouds. Once you're on a plane, you've got even more to contend with: sobbing children, dried-out skin, cramped seats, and beverage carts crowding the too-tight aisles, blocking access to the bathroom. Once you land, you're subject to the crapshoot of tarmac traffic, baggage claims, taxi stand lines. Ugh, no: even Air Chanel doesn't make me want to fly.

Today's Chanel Couture Spring 2012 show in Paris still did its best to show us the untold possibilities of high fashion air travel. Karl Lagerfeld & co. spent five days building out an airplane set, complete with a monogrammed Chanel carpet and beverage service. 

When it comes to the clothing, Chanel showed an all-blue collection, using over 150 different shades. Inspired by retro stewardess style, but not beholden to it, the Kaiser showed trim, straight-silhouetted dresses adorned with oversized bows and girlish embellishments: "I didn't want to make it too literal. If you look at what air hostesses really wore back in the 60s, it wasn't that great."

Images courtesy of IMAXtree

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